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Construction Accidents and New York Law

Thousands of horrendous injuries and deaths occur at construction sites across this country each year. Construction work is one of the most dangerous ways there is to make a living. Construction workers are unfortunately often subjected to unsafe work practices and environments, defective equipment, and other unsafe job site conditions.

Who is Legally Liable?

Claims for injuries that occur at construction job sites are complex and expensive to prosecute. Typically on any job site, there are multiple companies that are performing work or are otherwise involved in that site. This includes the owner, architect, engineers, and contractors and subcontractors. A personal injury attorney who frequently handles construction site cases will be familiar with the various personnel involved in a work site, including their function and the possibility of their involvement in your case. Also, there are various agreements and other construction documents that must be obtained and reviewed by your attorney to determine who may be legally responsible in any given case.

There are Strict Time Limits

As it is the case with any personal injury claim, there are strict, and relatively short time limits in which a claim can be filed. These time limits are called statues of limitations. Basically, a suit must be filed within the statute of limitations otherwise the claim against any party not sued will be lost forever. But why wait? If you have been hurt, time is not on your side. Needless waiting can be severely prejudicial to your case. Evidence can be altered or removed, witnesses need to be interviewed, and their statements recorded. You must take action immediately to protect your rights.

Can You Sue Your Employer?

The one party you cannot bring a lawsuit directly against in a construction accident is your direct employer. This is due to the worker�s compensation laws enacted in all fifty states. Worker�s compensation laws only allow an injured worker to bring only a worker�s compensation claim against his direct employer, not a lawsuit. We may also assist you and represent you in your worker�s compensation claim, but this is a separate claim outside of the court system. In New York State, Labor Laws protect workers that are engaged in construction activities. The legislature history of Labor Law 240 reveals a clear statutory intent to provide maximum protection to these construction workers. The current law is in place because any thing less than the broad and compelling coverage is ineffective to provide and protect the construction worker from dangerous and hazardous activities in the construction field.

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